Beauty Sleep- It’s for Real!



50 days of Style, Beauty and Health Tips.
Tip #1. Beauty sleep – It’s for Real!
I’m excited to start this 50 days of Style and health tips to celebrate my 50th! I’m going to start it off with something something that is fairly easy to do but hard to get!! I love a good night’s sleep and even a great nap on a Sunday afternoon!! Getting enough sleep can actually help you to look younger- hence the term ‘Beauty Sleep’!
When was the last time you got a good 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and woke up naturally – no alarms going off, babies crying or kids running in to jump on you in bed? For me now, my lack of sleep is due to staying up too late binge watching something on Hulu or Netflix or scrolling through social media! Can you relate to any one or more of these? Well let’s all make a pact together, right here and now, to strive for more sleep (Not that kind of together!)
Let’s not go down the rabbit trail of what lack of sleep can do for your looks and your health- Let’s think positively! Getting a good night’s sleep will help with the production of collagen and growth hormones to repair and renew your skin. Hydration of the skin also happens at night as well at gravity working to reduce wrinkles and fine lines – when you sleep in your back! And did you know that these things take place at certain times in the night? I was reading about chronobiology- fascinating! You should check out out!
Let’s look some tips to help you not only get a good night’s sleep but will also help you look younger! You can find info about pressure points, all the creams and essential oils if you you want to do a quick Google search. The following tips, in no particular order, are pretty easy to start today!
1. Sleep on your back. Gravity will help smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Drink an 8 ounce glad of water before you go to bed to help in the hydration of your skin.
3. Have a regular sleep schedule at least 5 days a week of 6-8 hours.
4. Wash your face and moisturizer before you go to bed. This will aid in the repair and renewing of your skin.
5. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow case. This will help your skin and your hair. Cotton pillows tug and pull on your skin when you move in your sleep.
6. Flip your pillow every night to avoid and dirt, sweat, oils touching your face and wash your pillow case energy 2-3 days or at least once a week.
7. Use a humidifier to help with hydration of your skin.
8. Put lip balm on your lips right before you go to bed to help you wake up with supple and soft lips.
9. Keep it cooler in your bedroom at night. I prefer my room to be at 68 degrees when I also. A cooler room will again help your skin in the hydration process.
10. Also in a dark room or eat am sure mask to make it dark. This will help in production of melatonin to help you sleep better!
These are just a few of the tips to getting your beauty rest. There are more and you can look into specifics on any products. I just wanted to give you a starting point. What 1-3 things can you start today to get your beauty Sleep? Comment below!