The Bang and the Part- It Makes a Difference!

The Bang & the Part- It Makes a Difference!


50 days of Style, Beauty and Health Tips

Tip# 11 The Bangs and The Part 

We’ve already touched on trying a new hairstyle to look younger (Tip #5). That may include changing your bangs or how you part your hair. Have you always had a center part or side part? Are you bangs or no bangs? Try changing it up to get a more youthful look. 

If you do want to do a center part, it’s best to make it a little off center. If you want to try a side part, don’t make it so extreme. Try doing an angle part. This is what I have found I like best for me. Also my part doesn’t go all the way across the top of my head. 

For me, I tried to add them back in after not having them for a while and it was a no go. Luckily my hair grew fast! There a couple of ways to go to. The blunt straight across cut, and the side swept look the can go shorter or longer. Either way make sure you get them cut a little longer than you think if your hair is at when cutting. They will shrink up when dry. And bangs should hit you right at the eyebrow. And they should also have some slight layering and be a little longer on the sides. Those of you with curly hair may want to avoid the bangs,  unless you are going to straighten it daily. 

Which one, or the other, or both are you going try? Consult with your hairstylist (or Bestie) if you need help figuring out what would look best. 

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