Stand Tall Look Younger

50 days of Style, Beauty and Health Tips

Tip# 10 Stand Tall Look Younger 

Did your parents tell you to stand up straight out sit up straight when you were young? Well, it will definitely be worth doing now to help you look younger and lighter. Standing up straight will also give the appearance of being confident and healthy (And hopefully your will feel that way too!) Good posture when sitting and standing will help with many things in relation to your health which will help you feel younger as well. When you are sitting or standing up straight you will help decrease muscle and joint pain in legs, back and neck, headaches, depression, fatigue, and help improve breathing, acid reflux, and even hormone levels. That’s pretty amazing! Mom/dad you were right! 

Here’s a simple test to check your posture. Stand against a wall with your head, shoulder blades, bottom touching the wall. See if you can fit your hand between the wall and your lower back. If there is a lot of room or not enough, adjust your posture so that your hand just fits. This is the posture you should have. Practice this posture and work to make it your new normal. You also want to check your posture when sitting at your workspace as well. Is the chair and your computer at the right level? When you get in the car in the morning, check your posture. Adjust your rear view mirror up to you. Don’t slouch to the mirror’s level. 

The more we work on posture now, will keep it us from getting a humpback in the future. That will definitely show age. Let’s avoid that. You may need to find some exercises to stretch your chest and shoulder muscles. So shoulders back and stand up straight for healthier, younger looking you! 

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