Water- It Does Your Skin Good

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Tip# 7 Water- It Does Your Skin Good!

We’ve heard it many times- drink more water, it’s good for you. It really is great for you, inside and out. Let’s chat today about what it does for your skin. Upping your water intake will help keep your skin hydrated, which leads to softer, toned, firm and supple skin- no botox needed. If you are using a lot of lotion, you may want to increase your water intake.

You should drink about half your body weight in ounces of water. If that sounds too daunting, just increase it a little each day till you reach your goal. Try adding a slice of citrus to give it a little flavor, keep it cold, use a straw, at a timer to reminder you, drink water first at mealtimes, and/or keep a water bottle or cup nearby at all time. Give your skin a healthy, youthful flow! Drink more water! How much water to do drink each day? Comment below on how you are going to increase your water intake this week.


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