Hairstyle- Time For A Change

50 days of Style, Beauty and Health Tips

Tip#5 Hairstyle- Time For A Change?

Do you still have the same hairstyle you had 10 years ago? The right change in your hairstyle can instantly make you look 10 years younger. You don’t have to go to a short hair cut. Consider the shape of your face when going for a new hairstyle. Not all cuts look good on all face shapes. You will definitely want to consult with your hair stylist. There are also apps that you can download to ‘try on’ a new hairstyle. Don’t you love technology?! I have gone to an angled bob cut with it stacked in the back. I have discovered that bangs don’t look good on me and I can’t go shorter in the front with my face shape. 

You also want to make sure your hair is healthy. If you are seeing split ends, it’s time for a cut. As you age, your hair may need additional products to help it look healthy and to manage frizzy hair- maybe a thermal protectant or hair mask like we discussed on day 2 with the avocado hair mask! I have noticed a significant change in my hair texture in the list few months. Be careful to when  pulling hair back into a ponytail;,if pulled too tightly it may accentuate any fine lines of wrinkles. A low, side ponytail gives a softer more flattering look.  Anther thing to consider is volume/height of your hair. You don’t want to go to either extreme of too high or to flat of hair. This would, again, be a great thing to discuss with your stylist to find out what you should be doing. I like a little ‘bump’ of volume on the top, back of my head, whereas, back in the 80’s/90’s, I wanted high bangs. What have you found to be the best cut for you? Comment below. 

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