Eyeliner- Switch it Up- Try a Softer Color.

50 days of Style, Beauty and Health Tips

Tip#4 Switch your Eyeliner- Try a softer color. 

The most popular color for eyeliner is black. As you age, it can be making you look older! We don’t want that! Try switching to brown. It will give a softer look. I personally switched from black to purple years ago. It also gives a softer look. You can also change up the thickness of your line and if you only do top or bottom, you may want to try doing both. I get compliments on my eyes a lot, so it must be working! 

Another thing to do to help look younger, or to slow the aging process, is to stop using a pencil eyeliner. It pulls on your delicate eye skin. Use a cream, gel or liquid liner. Also use shorter strokes to get that even straight line. 

If you are still rockin the black liner, that’s awesome! Keep it up for as long as you can! So what color line do you wear or want to switch to? Comment below!


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